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Duct Repair & Replacement

The ducts in your home are just as important to the health and efficiency of your air conditioning system as the electrical and mechanical components that make it run. If you want to keep your HVAC system operating properly, you need to make sure your air ducts are in good shape as well. Jeremiah AC offers a full range of duct repair and replacement services throughout the Fort Worth area.

How to Tell When You Need Duct Repair or Replacement

If you want to improve your climate control system’s operating efficiency, you

need to make sure that your ducts are kept in good shape. It can be difficult to tell when your ducts are in need of repair or replacement since they don’t show any apparent warning signs like your air conditioner. If you feel that the air flow to a room is not what it should be or that the temperature of the air being blown is not what it should be, it could be a sign that your duct work needs repair or replacement.

Keep an eye on your monthly air conditioning and heating operating costs and call a professional if they start to rise unexpectedly. That additional cost might indicate that part of your ductwork has collapsed.

Call Jeremiah AC to set up and appointment for inspecting your duct work.

Venting Dryers in the Attic

In addition to being against most current building codes and a potential fire hazard, venting a dryer in an attic can result in moisture problems which could lead to rot or mold in your attic.

If your dryer vents into your attic then you need to change so that your dryer vents out of the attic through the roof using a special roof vent to keep rain out.

Call Jeremiah AC to set up and appointment for inspecting your dryer venting.

Attic Insulation

Protect your home from cold, heat and humidity and save on your power bills by making sure you have the proper level of attic insulation.

Statistics show that 85 percent of a house’s heat loss is straight up through the attic space. Houses built before the energy crunch in the early ’70s, might just have a little bit of fiberglass insulation in the attic or empty cavities between the joists. Either way, the house is probably wasting energy – and your money.

The amount of insulation a material provides is measured by its R-value. The higher the number in the R-value, the more effective the insulation is. Houses built before the 1970s probably have an R-value of 11 or less, but today’s standards call for R-values as high as 38 or more, depending on the house’s location.

Jeremiah AC provides insulation service. We us blow-in, loose fill fiber glass insulation designed for open attics and hard-to-reach locations like corners, nooks and crannies. We can provide R-values up to R-60.

Blown-In Insulation works best for:

  • Attics with irregular or nonstandard joist spacing
  • Attics with lots of obstructions and penetrations to work around
  • Attics where there is existing insulation to be topped, since it fills gaps and joints well
  • Low-clearance attics with limited headroom for maneuvering during installation

Call Jeremiah AC to set up and appointment for inspecting your attic insulation.

Don’t Forget Your Garage

Does Insulation In A Garage Make A Difference?

  • A Cooler garage in summer and warmer garage in winter will make it available for year round use in any climate.
  • Insulating your garage will reduce noise coming into your home.
  • The garage is often the biggest non insulated area of the house.
  • The garage door is where the bulk of the heat loss and gain will occur.
  • In the summer your garage door works as a huge radiator heating the house.
  • In the winter your house loses heat through the garage.
  • An un-insulated garage can be uncomfortably hot or cold.

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